Enhance your team’s QA knowledge

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    QMatra’s knowledge sharing sessions put your organisation on the path of continuous improvement and build quality into your processes.

    We introduce your personnel to the essentials of ethics, rules and industry best practices. While sharing information, we demonstrate its practical use through extensive discussion on case studies. This makes it easy to appreciate the various nuances affecting quality implementation and audits, and equips you to meet regulatory expectations.


  • We offer:

    • GCP awareness. Familiarise your personnel with the concept of GCP, its fundamental rules and practices, through an introductory session. A more advanced session based on case studies is tailored to cover specific implementation areas, such as: informed consent, ethics, study monitoring skills, etc.
    • Auditing skills. Build your internal QA team’s skill sets to conduct different types of audits – trial site, data management, computer validation, etc. Learn how to write succinct and objective reports.
    • Managing customer audits and regulatory inspections. Understand what to expect in a regulatory inspection. Session highlights include: points that attract scrutiny, data to submit for verification and requisite technical and soft skills.
    • System development lifecycle. What specifications do you need to meet while developing a computer system for the healthcare domain? What rules and processes do you follow across the design to deployment cycle? This workshop addresses them.